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The Institute is registered with its headquarters in Lagos and it has branches in many states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


To Download or view list of our Corporate Members(in PDF Format) in the various states click their Links below:


We have a large membership most of whom are Safety Managers/Officers, Factory Inspectors, occupational hygienists, environmentalists, Engineers, Occupational  Health Physicians and Nurses, Economists, Scientists, Fire Engineers and Security Professionals in Governments, Military, Industries and Educational Institutions in Nigeria as well as private safety  consultants. We are as at entails at today over 5000 members.

Membership entails a duty to serve and protect people, property and environment. Hence our motto ’In the service of man’. This duty is to be exercised with integrity, honour and dignity.
The Institute offers opportunities to members to advance their knowledge, share expertise and experience, exchange ideas, keep up with new developments and gain recognition for professional achievements.
Members can achieve these through our periodical Conferences, seminar symposia and other activities.

 ISPON has two categories of membership namely individual and corporate membership.

  • Individual membership is open to Safety Professionals, Engineers, Occupational Hygienists, Environmentalists, Medical and Health Practitioners, Ergonomists, Scientists, Fire Engineers and Security Professionals.


  • Admission to individual membership is subject to meeting the specified qualifications, rules, regulations and conditions of the Institute's constitution and bye-laws.

Corporate membership is open to companies, institutions, societies, organizations and corporate bodies who agree to be subject to the rules and regulations of the Institute in its safety policies, procedures, practices, ethics and standards.

Admission to corporate membership is subject to provision of evidence of safety policies, safety training of employees (at least 50%) and report of safety audit of facility.

Member Register

A Register of Members and their accredited representatives (in the case of corporate members) and their addresses are kept and maintained by the Registrar and copies thereof are exhibited at the Registrar's office during normal business hours.

No person shall be deemed to be a member of the Institute unless his name and address have been, and continue to be, entered in the Register of Members.

Membership Fees
Individual N 20,000.00
Screening Fee (Individual) N 5,000.00
Corporate N 100,000.00
Screening Fee (Corporate) N 25,000.00
Upgrading Form N 15,000.00
Screening Fee N 5,000.00

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Membership Grades and Classes

Classes and Grades of Membership
Class of Membership Grade Designatory Letter
  Member MNISP
  Associate ANISP
  Graduate GNISP
  Registered Student Student
CORPORATE MEMBER: Consulting (valid for practice)
  Affiliate (not valid for practice)

Membership Benefits

  1. The Institute offers opportunities to members to advance their professional knowledge through the Institute's published newsletters, journals and lectures by members and other professional guest lecturers.
  2. Share expertise and experience.
  3. Exchange ideas and keep up with new developments in safety practice.
  4. Gain recognition for professional endeavours.
  5. Members who pay their dues regularly are covered by insurance.Membership Annual Subscription

Every member shall pay to the Institute an annual membership subscription fee in such amount and manner as may from time to time be prescribed by NEC.

Corporate Member Form: N 100,000.00
Screening Fee: N 25,000.00
Subscription: N 50,000.00

Membership annual subscription presently in force are as follows:

Annual Subscription Fees & Building Levy
CORPORATE MEMBER N 50,000.00    
Fellow N 9,000.00 N 2,000.00 N 11,000.00
Member N 7,000.00 N 2,000.00 N 9,000.00
Associate N 5,000.00 N 2,000.00 N 7,000.00
Graduate N 4,000.00 N 2,000.00 N 6,000.00
Registered Student N 2,000.00   N 2,000.00
Life Member Exempted    

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All members' annual subscriptions become due and payable on the first working day of January each year, except that in the first instance, it shall be due and payable on the date on which the application for membership is granted.

Since inception, ISPON has been publishing a quarterly magazine “Safety Professional” which is distributed freely to all its members and institutions of higher learning.
We also produce a bimonthly “Safety newsletter’ The Institute plans and executes local training activities on safety and health. We organize annual professional development conference/seminar where discussions are centered on current trends in occupational Safety and health with a view to improving the skill of participants in reducing Occupational Accidents, Injuries and Diseases.

We hold monthly meetings at branches with lectures delivered by our experienced members and knowledge shared.
We have signed memorandum of Understanding with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)- UK.

We are affiliated to and have been granted a Charter of the International Association of Safety Professionals (IASP).
We are affiliated  to the American Society of Safety, Health and Environment (SOITSHA).

  • ISPON is a corporate member of the national Safety Council of America
  • Built a secretariat in Warri, Delta State
  • ISPON has landed property in Benin, Edo State, Porthacourt, Rivers state, and another in Abia state.

Re-engineer occupational safety and health not only in Nigeria workplaces but also in all spheres of life by carrying out more educational activities.

Improve our capacity to deliver on these services. Create the political will and support for us to enhance our activities, hence our ISPON bill.

Embark upon providing access to the most important and recent Occupational Safety and health Literature, collating and analyzing scientific and technical literature from all parts of the world for the benefit of our members in particular and Nigeria in general via our website.

Board of ISPON
Council of Trustees
National Executive Council
Management Committee
Disciplinary Committee
Professional Divisions
Members Committee

3 Chairman, ISPON member
8 others (Education, Environment, Labour, SOPHON, NSE,FRSC, Fire)
Composition and functions are stated in ISPON act

Charactered Safety Professional (CSP)
Master in Safety Management(MSM)
Diploma in Safety Management
Level 3 Certificate
Level 2 Certificate
Level 1 Certificate

University of Sunderland, UK
Akamai University
Some Nigerian Universities, etc.
To run courses in HSE

2 types of corporate membership certificates to be issued.
Consulting (valid for practice) and *Affiliate (not valid for practice)
Only Members and Fellows and holders of CSP and Msm can set up consulting services.

Training, Consulting, Oil and gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Land Transportation Safety (Rail & Road), Air Transportation Safety (Aviation), Water Transportation Safety (Marine), Environment/Sustainable Development, Occupational Hygiene
Occupational health, process Safety, Security
Fire/Emergency Management, General Safety.

Support the Institute morally and financially, assist the Institute by ensuring that the forefront of your organization.
Celebrate the annual Safety and Health at work Day in your organization.
Advise your organization to have copies of national policy on occupational safety and health, and the current Factories act, 1990.

Education of workers in HSE made compulsory.

Help us to strengthen the Institute through your active participation in all our activities.

History of ISPON to Date

August 1979
The Professional Members of the National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN) who attended the 4th Annual General Meeting and Seminar of National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria resolved to establish Nigeria Society of Safety Officers.
A 15-man protem committee with Mr. S. J. E. Ogwai of Mobil Oil Nig. Ltd as Chairman and Alhaji A. A. Dada of Nolchem Ltd as Secretary was set up to draft Articles of Association, Byelaws, Constitution and rules for branches for the Association.

25TH August 1980
Ministry of Employment Labour and Productivity Mr. Adebisi Ogedengbe at the 5th Annual General Meeting and Seminal of the NISCN formally announced the setting and inauguration of Nigerian Society of Safety Officers as the Professional and technical Arm of National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN).

DAY 29TH August 1980
Inaugural meeting of the Nigerian Safety of Safety Officers (NSOSO) was held with Mr. I. P. Akpanokon of Fed. Of Labour and Productivity as the protem Chairman in the absence of Mr. Ogwai, Mr. A. A. Dada, was the protem Secretary. Mr. S. C. Garrick. President of NISCN addressed members of the Society and declared the inaugural meeting open at 09:35 hours.

Motion for a change of name from NSOSO to Nigerian Society of Health and Safety Professionals, was moved by Mr. C. A. Ezihe and seconded by Mr. G. L. Captain Briggs of SPDC Warri. –Name Adopted
The 15-man protem committee set up to draft a constitution for the society submitted its report which was circulated to members.

Members deliberated on the proposed Memorandum and Articles of Association, By-Laws, Constitution and Rules for Branches and standing orders as the working document for the society was moved by Mr. S. A. Raji of Van leer Containers (Nigeria) Limited, and supported by Mr. A. E. Iwundu of Labour and Productivity.

Foundation Members
A motion moved and seconded by Mr. C. A. S. Sowole of Necent management consultants and Mr. J. J. Modigie of NEPA, Kaniji that all members present at the meeting of the protem committee whether present or absent be accepted as foundation members but their grades to be determined by NEC was adopted.
NSSP established and NEC formed following a motion by Mr. D. O. Aigbogun of Dunlop Nigeria Industries Limited and supported by Mr. A. A. Alufohal of Labour and Productivity.

Formation of 1st NEC
Elections were held with the following as NEC members
Mr. Ogwai S. J. E. – Founding President
Mr. I. P. Akpanokon – 1st VP
Mr. G. L. Captain-Briggs – 2nd VP
Mr. D. O. Aigbogun – 3rd VP
Alhaji A. A. Dada – General Secretary

Ex-Officio Members:
M. A. Diete-Spiff
D. O. Agaga
S. U. A. Chukwueke
A. D. A. Adesina
Alebiosu L. A.

8TH April 1983
NSSP was registered as corporate body under the land (Perpetual. Succession) Act, Cap. 98. a certificate of incorporation of the Registered trustees of NSSP No. 2320 dated 8th of April, 1983 was issued by the Hon. Minister, Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

August 1989
At the annual conference/seminar held at Durbar Hotels Lagos, a motion was moved and adopted for the change of name from Nigerian Society of Safety Professionals (NSSP) to Nigerian Institute of Safety Professional (NISP).




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